Friday, May 9, 2008

About Silence = Permission

Silence is golden- a phrase we have heard many times in many scenarios. A silent, sleeping child makes us smile. We are silent when we feel it is inappropriate to get involved with two people who are at odds with each other. We are most unfortunately sometimes silent while witnessing a horrific crime because we “don’t want to get involved.” Too many people have been hurt by silence. The silence and fear of retribution from those who stood by and witnessed the Holocaust with all its venom and destruction. Silence is also deafening to the ears because we know some words should be spoken and many people, for a multitude of reasons, are afraid and ashamed to say what is in their hearts and on their minds.

For all the readers who have viewed this website, I want you to know that, regardless of how Misha DeFonseca took full advantage of our kindness and the generosity of those who were willing to financially assist her, we should not feel ashamed in any way in being victimized. We have all helped other people in our respective lifetimes, and some of us have had the misfortune of being deceived and left to deal with our emotions alone. Disappointment, anger, shame, and disbelief are all part of the range of emotions one experiences. Shame should never be the end result. Silence can eat away at your soul and silence gives Misha the permission to continue her lifetime lies. It elevates her ego, adds to her smugness, and strengthens her resolve to continue living as she had, surrounding herself with fresh faces, unaware of her ambitions.

Those who remain silent are alienated from the rest of society and remain unaware of the many others whose trust was violated. Sharing your experiences and emotions with others heightens awareness in the general population. Those who were victimized can, in time, find some inner peace if they can speak their minds. Being a victim of someone’s actions is not a crime-the perpetrators of the crime should be ashamed of themselves for their ugly ambitions and lack of scruples.

It is imperative that you address your negative experiences. A heinous crime has been committed which is irreversible. Spreading awareness of this will not only help in the healing process, but will help the other victims of Misha’s master plans.

Remember – Silence is not always golden.

Hoping to hear from you

Karen Schulman

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